Specialty Coatings I
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Our coatings offer the most technologically advanced solution to your aesthetic and security concerns, providing a level of visual enhancement and safety currently unmatched by any other window treatment

A sampling of our specialty coatings and unparalleled craftsmanship:

Sunshield Energy Control Systems, LLC


Sunshield's speciality coatings can create a visually stunning environment, while providing privacy.

Interior Offices w/frosted application.

Interior office occupants can enjoy privacy while maintaining visual contact with the outside worldPrivacy matte films available in; Frost, Bronze, Silver, White and Black.


Hand-crafted custom patterns can be created to your specifications.

Improve Interior Aesthetics

Our white frosted film provides an elegant look through-
out the office and delivers privacy where needed.

Our coating can give the glazing an attractive opaque quality creating a harmonious sandblasted appearance.

The coatings maintain an open ambience, while still achieving important privacy that is often required.

Our aesthetically dramatic coatings can instantly transform any environment quickly and effectively.

Aesthetic Coating Application

A wide variety of colors are available.

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