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Our preservation products offer:

Sunshield Energy Control Systems, LLC

* Protection of Artwork, Fabrics and Furnishings from Ultraviolet, Infra-red and Visible Light Deterioration

* Optical Clarity Preserving the Integrity of Natural and Historic Glazing

* A Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation for the Protection of Skin
Due to UVA & UVB Carcinogens
*Pediatrician, Dermatologist, Oncologist, and The Skin Cancer Foundation recommended
Harry Winston Jewelers, NYC -Protected by SECS
Prestigious firms such as, Harry Winston Jewelers in New York City, demand nothing less than the finest in protection for their Fifth Avenue showroom.
Making life safer one baby at a time.

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* The ability to Reduce Nearly 100% Ultraviolet Radiation, up to 88% of the Sun's Heat and Glare, While Containing Valuable Room Heat During the Winter Months
* All Season Energy Conservation and Temperature Control

* A Shield Against the Dangers of Broken Glass Due to Violent Weather or Vandalism by Holding Shattered Fragements Safely Together

Skin Cancer Foundation Seal

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