Portfolio III

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In a world of mediocrity, Sunshield in form, function and execution, has set itself apart from the masses

A sampling of our projects:

Sunshield Energy Control Systems

Private Greenwich Connecticut Estate

This magnificent home was plagued by excessive heat, glare, cold and fading. Sunshield's discreet coating addressed these issues, while maintaining the architectual integrity of the structure.

Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum Parlor

The 18th Century treasures in this beautiful Landmark museum have been safely preserved by Sunshield. Now their historic past as well as their future, can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Private East Hampton, NY Residence

The rug in this living room is extremely rare and valuable. By working closely with one of the country's most prestigious design firms, Sunshield selected the proper coating offering a high-level of clarity matched with superior protection.

Fairfield County Residence protected by Sunshield

This extraordinary residence contained all the ingredients necessary for interior destruction: excessive heat, light and ultraviolet infiltration. Sunshield met the challenge with its technologically advanced capabilities and emerged victorious.

Private Pound Ridge Residence

In this living area, African sculptural pieces and sleek mid-century European furnishings proved particularly sensitive to ultra-violet light. Sunshield prescribed a coating that prevented nearly all the U.V. radiation from reaching their surface.

Wood Floors now have 100% UV Elimination

Delicate wood-working and oriental rugs required the help of Sunshield to prolong their life without compromising the aura of the room.  Notice, however, how the filtered light remains both true in color and character and gloriously fills the room.  

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