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In a world of mediocrity, Sunshield in form, function and execution, has set itself apart from the masses

A sampling of our projects:

Sunshield Energy Control Systems

Amagansett Library with Sunshield Protection

Functioning as both a Library and Sitting Room for the Master Bedroom, this area contains 1850's antiques and delicate Schumacher fabrics.  The sun light falling upon these furnishings has had over 80% percent of its damaging energy removed by Sunshield, while preserving the beauty of the room. (Architectural Digest, July 2003, pgs. 164-170)

NYC Apartment with views protected by Sunshield

"Women in Navy", which was painted by the Lauren's daugher, overlooks the Library.  Parked on the shelves are circa 1920's Buddy "L" toy fire engines.  Sunlight will cease to age these items due to our protective system. (Architectural Digest, Oct. 2003, pages 202-209)

Eastern Long Island Home with the Sunshield System

Kitchens receive quite a lot of abuse and this extraordinary one was no exception.  The sunlight pouring through the sheer curtains provided enough energy to cause significant damage to the milk-painted cabinetry.  The homeowner's agreed that Sunshield was the perfect savior. (Architectural Digest, June 2003, pgs. 225-231)

Clear views with Sunshield invite the outside in.

While an indoor pool creates an exquisite statement, the combination of chlorine and ultraviolet radiation caused a catastrophic effect upon the interior appointments. By rejecting nearly all of the U.V. radiation, Sunshield restored the harmonious balance to this room.

Eastern Long Island Home with the Sunshield System

The Sunshield glazed doors and windows leading to the Terrace serve to reduce intense summer heat while slowing heat loss during the colder months. (Architectural Digest, June 2003, pgs. 225-231)

Enchanting NYC night view through Sunshield

Solar radiation wreaked havoc on the furnishings and artwork housed in this room. The owners wanted maximum protection for their investments yet wish to preserve the glorious view of Manhattan's skyline. The definitive solution was provided by Sunshield's technology offering a superior solor barrier while leaving the beauty of the view intact.

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