Sunshield Energy Control Systems
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"The Intelligent Solution to Solar Control"

Sunshield protective window coatings
are the state-of-the-art solution to the premature fading of fine interior
furnishings and art collections. By selectively inhibiting the infiltration of ultraviolet, infra-red and visible light,
our coatings provide the greatest degree of solar protection and energy management that current technology permits.

Imagine a product so advanced that
it can offer superior heat, glare and fade protection, while maintaining the beauty
and clarity of the original view.

To ensure that damage and deterioration from sunlight are kept to an absolute minimum, Sunshield is the only clear and intelligent choice.

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Sunshield Energy Control Systems
129 Union Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801

Phone: (914) 633-5853
Facsimile: (914) 633-6675

UV Coating Applied to Residence with East River View

Waterview photo taken through one of our coatings. Sunshield protects some of the finest views and properties in the world.